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Seasonal Flu Vaccine
Things You Need to Know. Home Image

Sometimes catching the flu simply means feeling unwell for a week, but in certain circumstances it can lead to death. There is a vaccine available every day, but many people have questions about it. Who should get it? Is it safe? How effective is it at preventing the flu? Find out the answers to these questions (and more) as you discover the fourteen key facts you need to know about this year’s flu vaccine.
Twelve Amazing Foods
That Will Boost Your Mental Acuity.

Diet can play a surprisingly large role in determining cognitive function.Some foods can influence your likelihood of suffering from degenerative neurological problems, while others will improve your memory or concentration. Discover twelve fantastic foods that you should regularly consume if you want to boost your mental acuity and stay mentally sharp well into old age.
Car Care Tip of the Month
Pre-Winter Car Care Checklist
Here are some simple ways to get your ride ready for these woeful winter driving conditions.
Overlooked Ways
to Save on Auto Insurance

As we get closer to the holiday season and gift buying time you may be looking for ways to save a few bucks in your budget. Here are some simple but often overlooked ways to reduce the cost of your auto insurance so you will have more money to spend on holiday gifts. Even if you have recently had a some trouble, these tips can help make sure that you get the best deal for your auto insurance.
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Recipe of the Month
Less Stress Holiday Prep

A delicious and quick turkey for your fun-filled evening

Full Service
Oil & Filter Change
- Oil & Filter Change
- Inspect Air & Filter System
- Inspect Battery
- Top Off Fluids


The Works


- Oil & Filter Change
- Rotate & Inspect 4 Tires
- Inspect Brake System
- Check Belts & Hoses
- Inspect Air & Filter System
- Top Off Fluids
Fusz super saver


- Oil and Filter Change
- Exterior Wash
- Interior Vacuum
- Rotate and inspect 4 tires
- Multi-point inspection
- Replace engine air filter
- Top off all fluids
Buy 3 Tires
Get the 4th for 1/2 off!
Tire Rotation
Rotate & Inspect 4 Tires
(with any service)


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Car Care Tip of the Month
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